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Godalming Minster Prayer Gathering
Join us for the next Prayer Gathering on Monday 18th December at 7.30pm at St Peter and St Paul’s Church.

All members of our four churches are warmly invited. 

Click here for the Godalming Minster Pattern of Services from 7th January 2024

A Special Parochial Church Meeting (SPCM) will be held on Sunday 7th January 2024 at 11.30am in Busbridge Church.
At this important meeting those people present, who are on the current Electoral Rolls, will vote in the Godalming Minster Officers and PCC members.

 Three representatives from St Peter and St Paul’s Church and one from St Mark’s Church will be elected to serve on the Minster PCC.
Any person who is on the current Electoral Roll is eligible to be nominated USING THIS FORM.

 The voting procedure for the Minster PCC representatives will be as follows:

  • If precisely 1 nomination for St Mark’s and 3 nominations for SSPP are received, no voting will be required. 
  • If the number of nominations exceeds this, there will be a vote at the SPCM on 7th January which, for a vote on SSPP nominations, will be restricted to SSPP Electoral Roll members present, and for St Mark’s nominations will be restricted to St Mark’s Electoral Roll members present.
  • If there are fewer than 3 nominations for SSPP and/or 1 for St Mark’s, vacancies will be filled by anybody on the Electoral Roll of Busbridge or Hambledon, voted by all people on the Electoral Roll of those old parishes and present at the SPCM on 7th January.

In addition Deanery Synod members will be voted in, 9 (maximum) including 3 from St Peter and St Paul’s Church and St Mark’s Church.

Anyone who wants to be added to the Electoral Roll in order to attend/vote/stand at the SPCM should complete an ER Form and return it to Hilary Reeve by Monday 18th December; after that, the new Roll will be published on Sunday 24th December (two weeks before the SPCM).

We are also seeking a Deputy Churchwarden for each of our churches, whose role would be to work with others to advise on the maintenance and improvement work for their church and help set a budget for the year. They do not have to be on the PCC and have no other responsibility other than to the one church.

You are urged to pray about whether God is calling you to serve Him in any of these roles.

Hilary Reeve
PCC Secretary