Wyke School Performance

School Assembly at Wyke

Lammas team

Several weeks ago our youngest granddaughter, aged 10, came home from school and told us that she had joined a handbell group meeting at lunch time in her school. We were very interested because she said they were using little coloured bells which were in tune but did not always ring reliably! We suggested she ask her teacher if she would like to use our belleplates. The response was an enthusiastic “yes please!” Mrs Cobb met with us and we arranged to drop in and help her with the group of ten children. She had already taught them to ring “rounds” and “queens” and to follow letter notation from a white board. The children were very responsive and learned new tunes quickly. This soon followed with us suggesting staff notation, each child having one belleplate to play plus a sheet of music coloured up appropriately for that belleplate. The children responded with surprising ease and competence.

Playing for an assembly was suggested and the date set for June 16th, just two weeks to practise! We asked our team, Lammas Ringers to come and play alongside the children using the Whitechapel bells. They agreed and we played “Golden Vanity” as the school assembled in the hall and then “Golden Slumbers.” The youngsters were enthralled by the bells and listened attentively throughout, asking questions when invited and clapping enthusiastically at every opportunity.

The Wyke Bell Team played “Happy Birthday “and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star “on the belleplates accurately and confidently and like all bell ringers needed to be encouraged to smile! Again appreciative applause followed their performance. There was just enough time to hand out belleplates to the teachers so they could also take part and everyone who had a belleplate had a go at “Aura Lee.” As usual the second time it was played was a great improvement on the first time! Everyone really enjoyed themselves, ringers, staff and children.

The staff and children at Wyke were very welcoming and Lammas Ringers felt that the assembly had been a worthwhile and rewarding experience for the children and for themselves.