Food Bank


St Mark’s Foodbank


​St Mark’s Church & Community Centre


GU7 2LD.

Godalming Foodbank run by St Mark's Church & Community Centre provides emergency food parcels for individuals and families in crisis for three to five days.

This service is supported by other local churches, Godalming CAB, Waverley Borough Council and Waitrose in Godalming.

Access to the Foodbank is normally through referrals from professional agencies, e.g. by health professionals, schools, local police and community/voluntary organisations.

Opening Times: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9.30 am to 2.00 pm

Telephone Karen Milton on 01483 418741 during the above times if you have a referral note, wish to donate, or have any questions. 

If you phone and there is no reply, please leave your number and a message and Karen will phone you back as soon as possible.

If no one is available to answer the phone and you are in need of food, go to Godalming Citizens' Advice Bureau in Bridge Street, opposite Waitrose, (opening times Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm).




Due to the overwhelming generousity of all those people and organisations who donated to us over the festive period we have a nice lot of items now in stock.  We would like to thank all those who kindly donated to help those in need. This was so much appreciated by those who run the foodbank and the recipients of the goods.


The Food Bank is currently in need of the following items (13 January 2020)

Bags for Life and proper shopping bags to take family parcels


Tins & Packets

Tinned and dried spaghetti
Tinned Potatoes
Cream Crackers/Ritz or similar items
Tea bags (40's)
Rice (small packs)
Corned Beef
Ham/Spam/Bacon Grill
Any beef or chicken products in tins


Cleaning Materials
Anti bac sprays and wipes
Bleach/Toilet cleaner
Wash tablets/powder etc
Sponge scourers
Nappies - large sizes 4/5/6
Baby wet wipes

As a result of people's generosity, there is a large amount of cereals in stock.  These are big items to store so, for now, please do not donate cereals.  As soon as there is room for them, there will be a request here.

Any donations are gratefully recieved and we thank you for your support.

Unfortunately we cannot accept Fresh or Homemade goods due to the short use by dates

However, we  do accept monetary donations, which along with helping to buy specialised items such as gluten free and baby products also help towards administrative costs. Many thanks to all of you who support Godalming Food Bank in this way. Please make cheques payable to “St.Mark’s Community Centre”.

The reason we ask for smaller sized items is because large items take up so much room in the food parcels which reduces the amount of items we are able put into a bag.

Large items usually weight more and if the recipient is travelling on foot or public transport it reduces the amount they can comfortably manage to carry.

We like to give as much and as varied items as possible, smaller items enable us to do this.

Please check back next month to see if the needs have changed.